Why *bother* !!?

ChannelBank itself is accessible here: http://j.mp/channelbankcb1

Firstly, this is just the early stages of an unfunded pilot, so bear with us.

The ethos is to provide a forum for patch-clampers to upload real raw samples of data to allow either:

(a) Secondary analysis (credited) or

(b) A snap shot of real phenotype data from a given cell type.

(c) Ultimately, we would like channel fingerprints recorded from all cell types to be available here.

(d) If the database gets going, scripts could be written which allow you to search by quantitative phenotype rather than just appearance.

What can you do?

Basically, please fill in what can of these boxes to give the reader as much info as possible. If possible upload some raw binary data in a well-known file type (Axon, Dempster etc). Also, if possible upload a snap shot of data (jpg) so we know what we can expect to find if we download the raw data!! You can only put one strip of data for one condition.

Have fun!

Why *bother* !!?

Postby RichardBJ » Wed Aug 26, 2015 3:39 pm

Why bother?

Why bother upload? For the betterment of mankind of course.

A more persuasive argument? Well in the UK, many grant applications, certainly all BBSRC project applications, require you to share data and state how you will do so. Many people are currently just entering “data sharing not appropriate for this type of data”. That is not strictly true and this database will give ion channel researchers a vehicle to share their data and contribute towards meeting the requirement for data sharing. And of course it costs nothing.

Why is this advantageous over published literature? Because when you first start to patch a new cell type you see events and you have no idea what they are. It is useful to have a look at the types of channels people are seeing in this cell type before you start your own program of research. However, there is no sensible place to just publish a few seconds of unidentified ion channel recording. I personally would have found this type of “what did other people actually see in xxx cell type data” useful many times. Now we are trying to make this happen.
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